My Portfolio (Blender Market)


3D Animation

I would like to provide tools to help Blender users in 3D animation

My Youtube :

  • +2000 subs in Nov 2020

  • 75 referrals to Blender market in November

  • My subs love Blender! 


My project

I've been working hard (hundreds of hours) to propose a low poly pack for animation. A lot of people got low end computers and can't use actual assets because of their composition and size. I want to offer a realistic asset pack to the community to create beautiful animations and at the best price! 

What's special about it? 

- Low poly pack but still realistic enough for animation

- 11 Skyscrapers with easy light system (change the texture from day to night)

- Around 40 City props : cars, road, trashes, street lamps, boxes,...

- Around 40 buildings 

- Planning to add more assets every month! (My plan is already set) 


Of course for my Blender Market product page I will create Animations to illustrate my products, Tutorials on how to create great animations with the pack. I will render beautiful images and videos to demonstrate that users can create beautiful animations using this low poly asset pack. 

Why me?

  • I love Blender and animation

  • I know that my product will be well received because I talk to my community everyday and listen to their needs

  • I already got a community that loves Blender and which is growing fast! (+2000 subs in November)

  • I am serious and professional ( Wife + father of 2 kids : So I am here to succeed not to play around...) 

  • I will offer a top support to my potential buyers and customer

  • I will support the Blender foundation 

  • I will promote Blender Market (I already do)

Thanks guys :)